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Kids waterproofs, kids rain suits and kids puddle suits available in the Splashsuits Shop.

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Currently available in our store: kids waterproofs, boys waterproofs, girls waterproofs and toddler waterproofs.
Without kids waterproofs entertaining young children in the wetter months is a daunting prospect for parents. Nobody enjoys being stuck in doors all day, but what is the alternative? Unless you remember to pack a change clothes and a towel to wipe everything down, your child gets soaked. Or let‚Äôs say amazingly you DO remember to pack a change clothes and a towel, at the end of the day you need to lug it all home and wash it.¬†Splashuits have a better idea: Put your child in one of our kids waterproofs, leave the towel, change of clothes and washing at home and go out and enjoy yourself! With our lightweight, breathable kids waterproofs, your child can slip, slide, jump, splash and run around all day without getting soaked. If¬†you want to follow the fun kids are having in our suits please check out #splashsuits on¬†instagram.¬†We have spent along time in research and development to create the perfect kids waterproofs suit. All of kids waterproofs have taped seams and are fully lined to stop water getting in. You can read all about the specifications¬†for every splashsuit right here.¬†We adhere to all the regulations covering children‚Äôs clothing in Australia, the EU, the UK and the USA and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the constituent parts of our product are not dangerous and do not contain toxic substances. Unlike similar products in this area, Splashsuits garments are tested to meet the relevant¬†OEKO-TEX¬ģ¬†standards. We are proud to be a leader in this area and hope more manufacturers will follow suit.
Splashsuits supply boys rain suits, girls rain suits and toddler rain suits for ages 1-5 years. The fun kids waterproofs and outdoor wet weather gear. We are on a mission to promote outdoor play and get children in the great outdoors again.

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