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Splashsuit Overalls for Child Care Centres

Splashsuits are lightweight waterproof overalls that fit over clothes, zip off easily and wipe down clean. Splashsuits allow child carers to encourage the following, minus the usual head-aches:

Dinosaur Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain Suit

  • Wet Day Play.
  • Messy Crafts.
  • Painting Activities.
  • Food Based Learning.
  • Planting & Gardening.
  • Outdoor Education Curriculum.
  • Natural Environment Exploration.
  • Nature¬†Walks, Excursions & Camps.

More time spent outdoors, less time changing clothes and less washing for parents.

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As parents, we know it is difficult entertaining children for long periods of time indoors. We also know that talking children outside in the wet, or after it has been wet, can create other challenges - particularly the constant changing of clothes, which is usually unpleasant for both the parents and the child. As we all know when children sit in wet clothes they become cold and are more susceptible to illness, which no one wants. We created our Splashsuit child care overalls to solve this problem and keep kids happy and protected all day. We started Splashsuits to get as many children playing outside as possible, and to make it easy for carers to let them do it. Why not get some suits in your Centre today? Get in touch.

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