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Outdoor play is essential for every child

We are a start-up on a mission to get kids outdoors againLet's get kids outdoors again #splashsuits outdoor play is essential for every child

We all know that children spend more time in front of screens and not in the great outdoors Рand our mission is to get them back out there. As many of them as possible. Our aim is to make it as easy and accessible for all kids to play outdoors and have fun.

Recent research from the UK shows that children spend less than an hour playing outside a day, and that one third of children in Australia are also spending most of their time cooped up indoors. This is less than half the amount of time spent outside a generation ago, despite the fact that most parents want their kids to be outside more.

Splashsuits is on a mission to change this and to get as many kids playing outside as possible.

Outdoor play, outdoor learning and outdoor teaching is essential to a child’s development.

Many years ago our son was bought an outdoor suit and he wore it thin. The problem was, we found it really hard to get hold of another one. Or least, one which really allowed him to get into outdoor play; one which was light, thin and easy to play in. So, we decided to make them ourselves and Splashsuits was born.

Overtime we will be sharing resources on this site for parents, teachers and child carers, so please check back soon. The movement for outdoor play is just beginning and we are proud to be doing out bit, or at least, making is as easy as possible for kids to get out there in the first place.

Splashsuits is start-up based in Sydney Australia, founded by Ben Hourahine and Harmony Southern, and we are outdoor play evangelists. We have worked really hard to create a high quality product, that is great fun for kids and still great value. We want to change outdoor play for good.

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