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From Puddle Suits to Splash Suits

Dinosaur SittingWe started Splashsuits after our son was bought a puddle suit three years ago. He wore it until it was worn out, it was that useful. Then we tried to find a replacement in Australia and it was impossible. We just couldn’t find a puddle suit anywhere. Splash suits are often called puddle suits in the UK, but we found it really hard to get hold of another suit, especially a puddle suit kids could play in.  All the waterproof children’s clothing we found was really thick and heavy – like a rain mac – making playing almost impossible.

Fairy Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain Suit |They seemed to be designed for adult body shapes (with no room for bending and crawling). They were also pretty boring and had little to encourage kids to wear them. That’s when we decided to create the Shark, Fairy and Dinosaur splash suits. We have designed them from the ground up to create the perfect children’s outdoor wear at a great price. Kids enjoy them so much they look forward to the wet weather.

When we thought about what to call it, we thought calling it a puddle suit didn’t do it justice. Jumping in puddles is one of many things kids can do in our splash suits. If it is messy or wet then these suits make it happen easily. We wanted to take the idea to everyone, in a way they can truly understand and that’s when Splashsuits was born.

Front - Dinosaur Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain SuitDinosaur Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain Suit |Front - Fairy Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain SuitFairy Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain Suit |Front - Shark Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain SuitShark Splashsuit | Kids Splash Suit | Rain Suit

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